What is the relevance of a landscape? Is there a purpose for the overused imagery of ages past, or can technology help us to find new meaning in outgrown motifs?

‘Unfinished Landscapes’ is a series of digitally manipulated analogue film scans that were created in tandem with artificial intelligence. Juxtaposing traditional analogue processes with digital, computer based algorithms - Photoshop’s in-built AI software tools have been utilised to distort, deconstruct and expand upon overly traditional and pedestrian landscapes; morphing and propelling them into a contemporary, futuristic space.

Content Aware has been intentionally misused to digitally expand analogue images by stretching the canvas outwards. What results is an unexpected emergence of patterns, shapes and paths; deeming the once traditional landscape suddenly untraditional. Bandaid and Clone Stamp have then been used to erase, repeat or distort certain details, keeping the viewer unsure of which contribution is human and which is from AI.

Playing with the notion of what lies beyond what the natural eye can see, ‘Unfinished Landscapes’ gives artificial intelligence a chance to contribute to art initiated by a human creator.