Emma Matsuda is a Melbourne-born artist who works primarily with photography, video, and sound. They utilise post production tools to manipulate and reshape the everyday, often exploring the psychological implications and potentiality of colour. At times lushly indulgent, and at other times thought-provoking — they blur the lines between reality and fiction, intention and happenstance. Since graduating with a BFA in Photography from Melbourne's prestigious Victorian College of the Arts (faculty of the University of Melbourne) in 2012, Emma's practice has expanded from photography to a wider range of audiovisual mediums, incorporating new technologies such as QR scanning and other interactive technologies.  In recent work they have been experimenting with digital algorithms and collaborating with artificial intelligence — exploring its' ability to interrupt human volition and create unexpected results in art.

Emma’s work has been exhibited in various Melbourne galleries including CCP, Margaret Lawrence, Kings Artist-Run and DUDSPACE. In July - August of 2018 they were a resident artist of PICTURE BERLIN, where they participated in group exhibitions at tête project space and gr_und.
In 2021 their contemporary photographic series ‘Unfinished Landscapes’ was exhibited at NIDA’s 44th international photography symposium, as a part of the ‘New Borders’ exhibition in Nida, Lithuania. Emma currently lives and works in Berlin.