Emma Matsuda is a Melbourne-born multimedia artist who works primarily with photography, video, and sound. She utilises post production tools to manipulate and re-shape the everyday, often exploring the psychological implications and potentiality of colour. At times lushly indulgent, and at other times thought-provoking - she blurs the lines between reality and fiction, intention and happenstance. After graduating with a BFA in Photography from Melbourne’s renowned Victorian College of the Arts in 2012, she began working in the film industry - producing, filming and editing various music videos and short films, including working on one feature (Under A Kaleidoscope, 2014), where she won Best Cinematography Award at Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Most recently she has been experimenting with video and sound design; playing with the juxtaposition of “inaccurate foley” and moving image.

Emma’s work has been exhibited in various Melbourne galleries including Margaret Lawrence Gallery, DUDSPACE and Miss Libertine, along with photography and writing features in Ramona and The Travellist magazine. In 2018 she was a resident artist of PICTURE BERLIN, where she participated in group exhibitions at tête project space and Gr_und. She currently lives and works in Berlin.